Borderless Healthcare Group is founded by its chairman, Dr Wei Siang Yu (“Dr Wei”). After Dr Wei’s graduation with MBBS (Hons) in Monash University, his passion in applying medical knowledge with technology brought him to pioneer digital bio-communication in Japan by inventing Japan’s first wireless contraception in 2000 even before there were any smartphones outside of Japan.

Dr Wei has always envisioned the “borderless” concept of healthcare facilitated by the advent of technology, media and telecommunication (TMT) advancement globally. Dr Wei later on added service and content to create an even more comprehensive framework to propel an entirely new genre of consumer-centric healthcare with technology, media, telecommunication, service and content (TMTSC) as a foundation.

With more than a decade of global presence, Borderless Healthcare Group has developed many world’s first initiatives, leading the world in unprecedented 5.0 economic convergence in healthcare, technology, content, media, real estate, investment, FMCG, training and hospitality interplay.

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